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Furr HS parents get sneak peek of new school

Furr High School Principal Bertie Simmons celebrated her 83rd birthday last week by leading Trustee Diana Davila and other school supporters on a tour of their new campus, which is being rebuilt as part of the 2012 Bond Program.

“It’s the most beautiful building in the district,” Simmons said. “We can’t wait to move in.”

With construction on the new facility now more than 80 percent complete, anticipation among stakeholders is growing every day as they see the project nearing the finish line. Construction is expected to be completed in mid-June, and the building then will be stocked with new furniture and technology, making way for teachers and staff to move in over the summer. Continue reading

New Furr HS set to open this summer

Construction on the new Furr High School is now about 75 percent complete, and the building is on track to open this coming summer.

As part of HISD’s $1.89 billion bond program, Furr will receive a new 182,000-square-foot $55 million building to accommodate 1,300 students. The three-story building has been designed to enhance the school’s science, technology, engineering, and arts programs. It will include flexible, brightly colored learning areas with moveable furniture and sliding glass doors to make the rooms easily adjustable.

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Anticipation is growing as Furr High School construction makes progress

Construction on the new building for Furr High School is set to be complete just 12 short months from now and open to students for the start of the 2017-2018 school year, project manager Michael Scott confirmed at the school’s quarterly Project Advisory Team meeting last week.

“I’m really pleased with the progress that’s been made in the first quarter,” Scott said. “Despite a couple of rain delays, we’re on schedule and we expect to stay that way.”

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Completion of new Furr HS one year away

Stakeholders of Furr High School gathered on Oct. 29 to break ground on the school’s new $55 million campus.

The new 182,000-square-foot, three-story building is designed to enhance Furr’s science, technology, engineering, and arts programs and will include flexible, brightly colored learning areas that can be adjusted through moveable furniture and sliding glass doors. Students will remain in the existing facility while the new building is erected on the adjacent athletics fields. Once the new building is complete, the current building will be demolished and new athletics fields will be built on that site.

The new campus will accommodate up to 1,300 students and is expected to be substantially complete in the first quarter of 2017.

Photo gallery of HISD building projects

HISD, Furr HS Green Institute recognized for partnership with U.S. Forest Service

Green Ambassadors visit local schools, communities, and parks to spread the conservation and environmental awareness message. They work with Woodsy Owl and his animal friends.

Green Ambassadors visit local schools, communities, and parks to spread the conservation and environmental awareness message. They work with Woodsy Owl and his animal friends.

The Green Institute at Furr High School is only two years old, but that program is already getting national attention for its efforts.

In March, a group of students from there delivered a presentation at the National Environmental Justice Conference and Training Program in Washington, D.C. And this week, students and educators will travel to the nation’s capital again to be honored alongside Forest Service representatives for the Abraham Lincoln Honors Award for Diversity, Inclusion, and Outreach from the U.S. Department of Agriculture.  Principal Bertie Simmons will accompany students and educators in support of their recognition for this prestigious award. Continue reading

Furr HS breaks ground on ‘bigger and better’ new school

Students, staff, alumni and other stakeholders of Furr High School gathered at the school on Thursday to break ground on a new $55 million campus, which is part of HISD’s $1.89 billion bond program.

“It’s a gigantic day for Furr High School,” said Principal Bertie Simmons. “There are so many exciting things about the new school – it’s going to be amazing.”

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DiscoverU expands the number of educational travel opportunities for HISD students

DiscoverU has increased the number of partnerships it has with HISD schools to seven for the current school year, allowing even more students to expand their horizons through foreign travel, college campus residencies, business internships, and more.

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Chess students take on blindfolded grandmaster in group competition

Grandmaster Timur Gareev will be trying to break a world record soon by playing the largest number of simultaneous chess games ever while blindfolded — and 10 students from HISD schools recently helped him prepare for that challenge.

The Uzbekistan native, who became the youngest grandmaster ever from Asia in 2004 at the age of 16, played 10 of HISD’s top chess players on Sept. 19, and defeated them all (along with three students from a local private school) within the span of a few hours, despite not being able to see any of the chessboards. Continue reading

Community offers words of support after bus tragedy

On Tuesday, Sept. 15, two of our students — Janiecia Chatman, 14, and Mariya Johnson, 17 — died in a tragic bus accident in southeast Houston. Two other students and the bus driver were injured.

In the hours and days after the accident, people from across the country expressed their concern for the victims. Below is a sampling of the words of support they have shared.

We continue to keep those affected in our thoughts and ask you to do the same. Please feel free to share your own comments below.