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Ask HISD: Who decides when to close school for bad weather?

2014 January 23
by HISD Communications

With many forecasters predicting at least a chance of freezing precipitation this week, HISD has received a number of inquiries about the policy for shutting down individual schools or the entire district due to inclement weather. So, who gets to make that decision?

A: The School Closing Executive Council, which is made up of the superintendent of schools, the chief business operations officer (or, in his or her absence, the chief financial officer), the deputy chief academic officer, the chief of staff, the chief communications officer, and the chief schools officers. Usually, the superintendent of schools makes the final call, but in the event he or she is not available or is unreachable (out of town on business, perhaps, or overseas on vacation), any member of the committee has the authority to make the final decision.

The related district policy is here (.pdf).

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