Midterms: May the Odds Be Ever in My Favor

By Karen Banda

3orro8Midterms are stressful. The days leading to the midterms and the days after the tests, waiting to see your grade, are probably worse. The days leading to the first midterm (Intro to Microeconomics) I took were excruciating. My heart raced a thousand miles per hour. Okay, I may be exaggerating a bit since that wouldn’t be possible but the point is that I was NERVOUS.

To prepare for my Microeconomics exam I had to start and finish reading a book called The Invisible Heart: An Economics Romance by Russell Roberts, had to read and understand about 35 articles, had to finish reading chapter six and the questions and study problems, and I had to review chapters one through six. It was an intense three days considering that I also had a big essay due the day after Micro’s midterm. Time management and my Calendar app were extremely useful in helping me organize my time and make sure I would finish homework for my other two classes as well.

Somehow, I managed to finish all of my readings, chapter questions, study problems, and reviewed everything we had covered since day 1. Never before did I have to do so many things in such little time. Thursday was the day of my exam. I had no idea how the exam would look, what the professor’s grading method would be for the test, or even what was going to be on it. I took the test – I freaked out on about five different questions and the exam only had 30-35!

A week later, I received my exam back. My heart was pounding in my chest again. I turned the cover page around and saw my grade clearly written with pencil on the upper right corner: 99! If I could’ve yelled out in class, I would’ve but seeing as the professor was talking about chapter six in class, I decided it would be best to not disturb everyone with my overly excited self.

On Wednesday, I received my paper back for my Politics of Language class. It was basically my midterm and an A- was written on the feedback page. You could imagine how happy I was at that time as well. I had a busy week and it keeps getting busier but seeing those grades for two of my midterms definitely made the countless hours of studying, reading, and writing worthwhile.

Now, I have to tackle another exam and an essay. May the odds be ever in my favor!


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