By Meghan Berndt

There is really nothing more satisfying than fall, when the wind chills your fingertips, and the sweet sound of leaves crunching under your boots can be heard… not to mention that Starbucks’ Salted Caramel Mochas are back in season. Of course, the only problem with fall is that it doesn’t actually happen in Houston. Everything just stays hot and leaves occasionally fall, but never in stark reds, yellows, and oranges.  Leaves don’t fall like they do at Bryn Mawr.

This past weekend I had the opportunity to visit Bryn Mawr College through their travel scholar program. This being my top choice college I was ecstatic. It all started with waking up early on a Saturday morning to catch my flight, in which I worked on my homework. When I arrived in Philly, I was greeted by two Bryn Mawr students and four other travel scholars. We introduced ourselves and then talked about different things  from Greek mythology to how much we needed the next season of Orange is the New Black.

“Do not choose a college that is perfect for you right now, choose a college where you will become the person you want to be.”

Soon enough we were on our way to Bryn Mawr, where we were greeted by travel scholars and two admission officers, Marissa Turchi and Tiffany Shumate. We ate dinner in Haffner Hall and I saw a play called The Dollhouse. When we finally made it back to our respective common rooms (I stayed in Rhoads), some travel scholars and I stayed up until 3 AM conversing.

To spare you the details of what I did, I’m going to tell you what I learned, and some of my favorite things about Bryn Mawr.

  1. First off, the food is amazing. You cannot go wrong with Erdman Hall’s breakfast.
  2. The traditions are beautiful, and also somewhat hilarious. I had the chance to be on campus during lantern night, which is a tradition where the first years are handed lanterns in their class colors, and it’s symbolic of passing down knowledge. This year the class color is dark blue, symbolic of the element water, but in the event that I am accepted to Bryn Mawr my class color would be green, symbolic of earth.
  3. Philly is literally 20-30 minutes away from Bryn Mawr, and is amazing. I went on a mural arts tour of Philly, and you can just feel how rich the culture is. Also, if I had the choice of getting a tattoo, I would tattoo the mural “HOW TO TURN ANYTHING INTO SOMETHING ELSE” by Nick Paliughi on my arm.
  4. The honor code is so upheld, and I love it so much. The honor code is basically the golden rule, treat others with respect. And here is an example of it: While I was getting breakfast in Erdman I left my phone on the table and got my lunch, which took about 10 minutes. When I came back it was still there. Not sure that would happen here in Sharpstown.

I did have an amazing time and all of these things were my favorite, but one small thing that stuck out to me was when I came on my first day. A senior at Bryn Mawr gave advice on how she chose her college and how we should. She said “Do not choose a college that is perfect for you right now, choose a college where you will become the person you want to be.” I feel like Bryn Mawr is the place where I can become that person.

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