By Olaide Sode

I’m going to college! About a month ago I received an acceptance letter from one of the schools that I had applied to. It was a great feeling receiving the letter because before I was really nervous about the prospect of going to college. I mean it’s COLLEGE. That’s a large step. And everyone is always telling us that college is a period in our lives that can really define who we are and are to become, so I was a little afraid because what if no school accepted me? But thank goodness they did and it boosts my confidence a little bit.

Regardless of that outcome, I have been steadily working towards finishing the rest of my applications. So far I have submitted 16 applications and drafted all but 3 that are left. That’s what my life has pretty much revolved around. Every weekend I wake up about 7 or so in the morning, crack open my laptop and just start writing. Sometimes it can be stressful because I have other obligations that I have to attend to at the same time. But I have been doing my best to juggle everything. Luckily I’m almost done and I’m determined to be done before winter break so that I can just relax and catch up on all the good shows that everyone has been raving about.

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  1. Dear Olaide,

    I am so proud of you and your personal endeavor to follow your dreams. I am in Portland, OR now and when I was on the HISD website and saw your face I said, “Hey! I know her.” I hope you find the perfect match for you and that you enjoy the moments as you head off to college or university. I am sure you will be a valuable asset to whichever campus is lucky enough to have you. I wish you the very best!

    Andrew Johnson
    former principal at Herod Elementary

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