Looking forward to ‘just me’ time

By Olaide Sode

I received another acceptance letter from a school in Texas, and I’m going to hear back from my early action school tomorrow. I have been putting off reading the letters because I didn’t want to know the results while studying for finals. I wanted to mentally prepare myself. If it’s bad news, I don’t want to overanalyze and stress about it while taking exams.

Hopefully, it’s good news and will be a great way to start off my much-deserved break. Speaking of which, I am so glad the semester is over. It’s been a long four months. Juggling school, college applications, and other obligations hasn’t been easy. I haven’t had any time to enjoy being a senior or a day just to relax. It’s been work, work, and more work.

Finally I’m ready to kick back and enjoy the next two weeks. I plan to catch up on movies and TV shows, sleep late, and just hang out. Soon I will be done with absolutely everything, and then it’s just me time.


Editor’s note: After this blog entry was completed, Olaide was waitlisted at Georgetown.

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