By Olaide Sode

Things have been pretty quiet since the start of the new year. I’m done with all my applications, and now it’s just the waiting game from here on out. But here is the good news – I have received letters from UT Austin and Texas A&M! Both were acceptances, so I’m feeling good about that. They’re both quality schools, so I’m feeling secure in the fact that wherever I go, I will attend a good school.

I have received four letters, and I am waiting to hear from 19 more. April 1st is the big day! I can’t imagine how I’ll feel. One of the good things about applying to 23 schools, however, is that there’s no time to feel sad about being rejected, because there are so many envelopes to open. There are going to be some ups and downs, but I’m feeling good and hoping for the best.

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