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Superintendent F. Mike Miles’ message to HISD staff

2023 June 20
by HISD Communications

On June 1, 2023, F. Mike Miles was officially named Superintendent of Houston Independent School District.

“From my perspective, our charge is both clear and ambitious,” he said in a message to HISD staff. “We must make HISD the kind of large urban school district that prepares EVERY student for work, life, and citizenship in the global marketplace of 2035.”

Miles has been an educator for close to 30 years and has dedicated his life to public service — first as a soldier, then as a diplomat. As an instructional leader, Miles has helped teachers and administrators in school districts across the country improve instruction and raise achievement.

“Houston can and will lead the nation,” said Miles. “We have an opportunity to reimagine education and prove that large, diverse districts can do right by all children. Education will once again be a pathway out of poverty. We will prove all students can and will achieve, and our public schools will be the place where equity and justice are the standard, where every child is seen, heard, and given access to the resources they need.”

In his first few days in HISD, Miles unveiled his New Education System model for 29 campuses. The new plan comes with higher salaries, more support for teachers, and an innovative staffing model that puts the focus on classroom instruction and improved student outcomes. Read more about the New Education System here.

“I ask you join me in turning your focus to our next school year,” said Miles. “You will have tools and supports to execute on the goals that are set for you. Everyone working in HISD will be aligned to a shared vision, and individuals will be matched to their best-fit position in the district.”

Superintendent Miles will be hosting several family events over the summer to meet members of the HISD community and share his administration’s vision for HISD’s future. More details can be found here.

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