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Election Guidelines for HISD Employees

2020 October 20
by HISD Communications

Election Day for the upcoming US Presidential Election is Tuesday, November 3, 2020, and various HISD campuses and facilities will serve as voting locations for the upcoming election. Therefore, it is imperative that all HISD employees understand which political activities are permissible and which are impermissible prior to and on Election Day.

The guidelines below provide examples of permissible and impermissible election activities:

A communication means any form by which information is transmitted or displayed such as oral statements, written statements (pamphlets, ads, posters, flyers, leaflets, bumper stickers, buttons, etc.), electronic statements (e-mail, text message), or an Internet website.

Please immediately inform your supervisor if you receive an election-related communication that you believe may be impermissible under this guidance, and do not print, forward, or otherwise distribute the communication while working on District time.

Please contact your work location supervisor if you have any questions regarding laws or HISD board policy concerning political activities.

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