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Weekly Teacher Download for December 18

2020 December 17
by HISD Communications


January Goalbook webinars

Starting in January 2021, Goalbook, the web-based resource that provides academic and behavior strategies, will host a three-part webinar series focused on using their resources to create an antiracist learning environment so that all students succeed.  Participants are encouraged to attend all three sessions. Additional information will be forthcoming specific to Part 2 and Part 3.  Please contact or call 713-556-6844 if you have questions.

 Part 1: Antiracism and the Universal Design for Learning Framework

Fall 2020 Remote Teaching and Learning Teacher Survey: Please respond to the Fall 2020 Remote Teaching and Learning Teacher Survey to help inform decision-making regarding support strategies and resources for HISD teachers. The survey will be open through Friday, Jan. 8, 2021.

SEL Blog: Self-care is paramount during these times. Many of us might think of self-care as an indulgence, but it actually a way coping with varied stressors. By setting aside a few minutes to care for yourself, you can better care for those who depend on you for their safety and wellness. Check out the SEL Blog here to begin or add to your self-care regimen. And, from the Social Emotional Learning Department, please have a happy and safe winter break, Hanukkah, Christmas, and Kwanzaa!

Group 1 Automotive: HISD has partnered with the Sterling McCall family of dealerships to offer HISD employees an exclusive Vehicle Buying Program with services designed to save you time and money at all Group 1 automotive dealerships. Click here to learn more.


CTE Professional Development Opportunities: Please view our December 2020 CTE professional development calendar for available virtual training sessions for CTE instructors. There are self-paced courses, free webinars, free live events, free discussion panels, virtual conferences, and free supplemental resources for CTE teachers. Please visit the HISD Career Readiness page on the HUB to find important resources as it relates to CTE. Please view the Career and Technical Education (CTE) Weekly Bulletin for news, updates, and opportunities.

FIVE Network: The FIVE Network connects talented high school students to a team of five influential and caring mentors digitally through the FIVE mobile app. FIVE mentors help students develop critical life skills, expand their professional networks, and serve as a positive and consistent presence in their lives for five years starting in the ninth grade. Their predictive technologies inform a powerful networks of mentors to teach, inspire, and recruit talent (future and current). They are only accepting students until the end of this calendar year, so the deadline is Dec. 31, 2020. To learn more about the FIVE Network, contact Isabel Bolivar at 571-279-3532 or email her at

Career Tip Tuesday: Teachers, please encourage your students to join CTE career advisors every second and fourth Tuesday of the month for a mini lesson watch party led by expert professionals and educators on how to stand out from the crowd and become competitive job applicants.

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