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Weekly Teacher Download for August 23, 2021

2021 August 19
by HISD Communications


Social and Emotional Learning Introduction
The Social Emotional and Learning (SEL) department coordinates the implementation and growth of culturally responsive and emotionally safe learning environments. Throughout this school year, we will be sharing SEL resources that will help you establish supportive relationships with your students. This week please consider doing some self-care exercises for yourselves and your students during the day. This could include such things as taking a few deep breaths, listening to a calming song, or reading an inspirational poem. Check in with other teachers to see how they are doing. Have a great week with your students and a great year! And remember, YOU ARE AWESOME!


Early Childhood

Welcome back, prekindergarten teachers! Please be aware of the following change when accessing the CIRCLE Assessment this school year. HISD has launched a new procedure to access the CLI Engage platform using CLEVER to administer the CIRCLE Assessment for this school year. On June 11, 2021, all PK teachers received an invitation email from CLI Engage to login using CLEVER. If you were able to successfully login through CLEVER, you will be able to access the CIRCLE Assessment when the first wave begins on Sept. 20. If you did NOT successfully login through CLEVER, please look for a CLI Engage invitation email this week. Remember you only have 14 days to access this invitation email (if you don’t see it in your HISD email, look in your junk folder). Please see the attached instructions to successfully register for the first time. Once you are registered, follow the step-by-step directions at this video link to login to the CLI Engage platform through Clever. As always, you can reach Claudia Azcarate at or Maria Navarro at with questions regarding CLI Engage access.


Career and Technical Education
Welcome back! Please review this week’s CTE Bulletin, Volume II. This bulletin includes helpful resources for all new Career and Technical Education (CTE) teachers, as well as veterans. Also, explore our Career Readiness website where you can access a repository of professional development opportunities, request one-to-one CTE instructional support, find online resources and TEKS by CTE cluster, view current CTE Programs of Study, view an approved list of industry-based certifications, and find a brief tutorial on how to enroll in OneSourceMe Learning. You can take these courses online at any time: “STEaM Enrichment with the SECME Program” and “Engage Students and Demonstrate Proficiency through Digital Portfolios.” Please visit our Career Readiness page here for all weekly bulletins.

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