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Personal development opportunities for Latino, Latinx educators

2022 January 31
by HISD Communications

Over 40 percent of Latino teachers leave the profession within their first four years. At a time when Latino student populations are growing across the country, it is imperative that we seek innovative methods in the recruitment, and more importantly the retention, of our Latino teachers. These educators are uniquely positioned to leverage their cultural currency in their students’ development, as well as deepen family engagement strategies with parents/caregivers.

The Latinx Teacher Fellowship (LTF) is a summer opportunity for K-12 Latinx teachers to gather in community to intentionally deepen their understanding of Latino student achievement and sharpen their skills in the areas of culturally responsive practice. For more information and to apply, visit
Latinx Teacher Fellowship

The Aspiring Latino Leadership Fellowship (ALLF) is a unique nine-month opportunity designed for the mid-career educator. Ideal candidates are educators who would benefit from the framing of learning through case studies, landscape analyses, and engagement with content experts in the in-depth exploration of relevant leadership competencies among their community peers. These are also educators who are primarily first-gen college graduates and first-gen professionals, who have been plotting their career on their own with minimal guidance. ALLF offers explicit guidance and support to fellows in the development of their career via lessons/exercises in professional branding, and career coaching. For more information and to apply, visit Aspiring Latino Leadership Fellowship.

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