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Summer schedule provides unexpected benefit to struggling students

2013 February 28
by HISD Communications

Almost 90 percent of readers who took last week’s Friday eNews survey said that they liked the 4-10 summer schedule first implemented two years ago.

Most cited reasons such as spending less money on gas or having more time to spend with their families, but one respondent reported an unexpected side benefit: increasing student achievement.

“The extra time off gives struggling students the down time necessary to process the learning,” wrote one teacher. “They come back on Monday more rejuvenated and ready to learn.”

Almost a third said they also appreciated the chance to enjoy three-day weekends without using up vacation time, with one respondent saying, “we have made it our weekly family date night!”

Only about ten percent said they would rather adhere to a normal five-day schedule.

“After about eight hours, I become less productive,” wrote one survey-taker. “Often, the last two or three hours of the day, I don’t accomplish much.”

The compressed work week was originally designed to save the district money on operating costs. The estimated savings each year is about a million dollars.

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