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Ask HISD: What are some good apps for educators?

2013 July 17
by HISD Communications

Q: What are some of the best apps out there for educators?

A: It depends on what you’re looking for. Many teacher-centric apps deal with the collection and organization of student data, but Gradespeed already manages that in HISD.

Still, a number of other apps exist that teachers might find useful. Jorge Rodriguez, a health and physical education teacher at Harvard ES, cites “Too Noisy” as one of his favorites for keeping student chatter down to reasonable levels.

“It acts as a sound meter,” he writes in his education blog. “I use it all the time during transitions…when we move through the building during a water break.” Rodriguez also uses “Classroom Dojo” to help students’ manage their own behavior, and “Dropbox” for digital storage of photos, videos, documents, and spreadsheets.

You can read more about his favorites here, and see some other suggestions from the Teach Hub website here. Be sure and take our weekly survey on your favorite education-related app, and we’ll share the results in a future edition of eNews.

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