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New A4E dashboard features improved tools for teachers

2015 August 20
by HISD Communications

HISD_A4E-PROGRAM-Logo-HORIZAs teachers return to campuses this week, they will notice several improvements to HISD’s Analytics for Education (A4E) Teacher Dashboard this year, including quick links for easier navigation, a list of students and the student expectations they have yet to master, a students-at-risk report, TELPAS scores, parent contact information, and expanded student profiles.

One of the most important new features is the option to subscribe to notifications about newly added data (such as STAAR results) and features, system unavailability, etc.

Janet Bennett, a senior manager of Information Technology, said the teacher dashboard hasn’t been substantially changed since it launched three years ago. With input from teachers across the district last year, Bennett said her department made the improvements during the summer to more closely mirror how teachers need to use A4E.

“We were able to make ‘phase one’ changes to the dashboard, incorporating as many of the teachers’ requests as possible in a short time frame,” Bennett said, “and we will be making further improvements using information we acquire from the A4E Teacher Dashboard Focus Group that we will be forming after school starts.”

In addition to the dashboard changes, teachers also need to be aware of a change to K-9 student HISD network login IDs. The IDs will now be “s12345,” where 12345 is the student’s Chancery ID number. The default student password will be their birthdate in the MMDDYYYY format.

The on-demand system,, gives teachers access to students’ attendance records, academic performance, formative and summative assessments, special populations data, enrollment history, STAAR test results, and more.

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