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Online Safety Contest with

2018 September 28
by HISD Communications

To empower our students to become good digital citizens, the district is hosting a Digital Literacy Contest in partnership with

The contest will run from October 1 through the first two cycles of this academic year:

  • Elementary contest ends November 9
  • Middle School contest ends December 20

To participate:

  1. Tag your campus Twitter account and Tweet out a picture of your students working in the lessons at least once a week during the contest.
  2. Get as many students to launch and complete all (or as many as possible) of the lessons in the first two HISD cycle units located in
  3. Please tag @HISD_Inst_tech @learningdotcom #HISD_DigLitStrong and your campus in all pictures!

Upon contest completion, all students will be eligible to receive a participation award certificate to show off their digital literacy skills. The top five elementary and top five middle school campuses will have a chance to win prizes.

How do you prepare for the October 1st launch date?

  1. Assign the curriculum provided in the grade level Cycle 1 and Cycle units can be found in the Custom Curriculum Library in
  2. Once you open a Cycle unit, you can assign the entire unit at one time or items individually.
  3. Each grade level unit contains a Teacher Resources folder. Click the View button to open the Pacing Calendar for each Cycle.
  4. The Pacing Calendars contain the curriculum items for the contest. So, follow your pacing calendar and have as many students working through the curriculum as you can.

What happens if you have already started the curriculum in Cycle 1?

It is not a problem. Your students can continue working in through the lessons.

Again, we want teachers to gather as many students to complete as many of the lessons in Cycle 1 and 2 in  We will monitor the ongoing usage at your school and will provide updates periodically to keep teachers informed of their status.


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