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Weekly Teacher Download for November 12

2018 November 9
by HISD Communications

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HAABSE Teacher Awards: The Houston Area Alliance of Black School Educators (HAABSE) recognizes the incredible work of educators that impact the lives of minority students in the greater Houston area. Each principal may nominate a teacher from their campus for the 2019 HAABSE Outstanding Teacher Awards and Recognition Ceremony on February 6 at the Bayou City Event Center. The selected teacher must submit their application online by December 14. This is a great way to show your appreciation for excellence in your building by recognizing an outstanding teacher for their efforts.

HISD 2019 Benefits Enrollment: Benefits annual enrollment is now open through Nov. 15.  You can also view the 2019 Benefits Guide and visit the NEW HISD Benefits website to explore your options and price the various plans. The good news for this coming year is that there are no major changes to your health care, life insurance, disability, and most of the other HISD benefit programs. And, we are introducing new programs and services designed to encourage all district employees and their families to live happier, healthier lives.

Team HISD Cares Scholarship: The HISD Foundation launched Team HISD Cares Scholarship, an employee-driven scholarship campaign. The new scholarship campaign will run until February 28, 2019 and was created to support our graduating seniors with a scholarship to any technical school or nonprofit two-year or four-year college or university of their choice. Campuses and/or departments that have the highest employee involvement or highest employee giving will be invited to join the District Scholarship Selection Committee, receive naming rights to a scholarship and present the scholarship with the Interim Superintendent. Click here to donate.


Lemonade Day 2019: It’s time now to plan for the next Lemonade Day on May 4-5, 2019. Since 2007, HISD has partnered with Lemonade Day Houston to support students in developing an understanding of financial literacy and gaining experience running a business. The Lemonade Day Houston organization provides participating schools with training and materials that include activities and resources aligning with mathematics and social studies standards.  The Lemonade Day Houston team has also identified TEKS alignment and ideas for lesson plans for grades K-5. Additional information can be found here.


HAABSE Scholarship: The Houston Area Alliance of Black School Educators (HAABSE) is recognizing a high school senior in pursuit of a degree in education with a $1,000 college scholarship. Students can apply here until January 4.

Achieve 3000 Read-to-Succeed Contest: Achieve 3000 is hosting a Read-to-Succeed Contest until November 23, every time a student completes an Achieve 3000 activity, their class will earn a point. For every activity score of 75 percent or higher, the class will earn two points. For every activity with a score of 88 percent or higher, the class will earn three points. At the end of the contest, the class with the most points on average per student, wins a gift card to spend on a class celebration of their choice. To qualify for the contest, each student in the class must complete at least eight activities during the contest window.

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