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District Advisory Committee Elections

2018 November 16
by HISD Communications

Cast your vote in District Advisory Committee Elections

Click here, to cast your vote in the 2019 District Advisory Committee (DAC) elections from Monday, Nov. 18 to Friday, Dec. 6.

Campus-based professional employees have two votes: One vote is for a “Classroom Teacher” and one vote is for an “Other Campus-Level Professional”. School employees are eligible to vote only for a nominee from their particular grade level group.

Central Office Employees will be able to vote for one Central Office nominee and may elect one person from the Central Office group

Membership Eligibility

Please note that DAC eligibility differs from eligibility to serve on a campus site-based decision-making committee (SDMC).

  • DAC elected positions are exclusive to professional staff members, and only professional staff members participate in the nomination and election
  • Classroom teachers include those teachers or positions assigned as a teacher in OneSource.
  • Other professionals include administrators, counselors, and nurses
  • Teachers from HISD contract charter schools are not eligible for
  • Eligible central office professionals include positions that are a paygrade 25 or above.
  • You must be in one of these categories to cast a vote.

 Election of Professional Staff

There are 18 positions for professional staff.

  • 5 positions for elementary teachers
  • 3 positions for middle school teachers
  • 4 positions for high school teachers
  • 3 other campus-based professionals
  • 3 central office professionals

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