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Leading Impact graduates inaugural class of managers

2019 September 26
by HISD Communications

Twenty-three Business Operations managers were honored this month with a luncheon to celebrate their completion of the inaugural Leading Impact Management Development Program.

The interactive, seven-month program aims to build and empower Business Operations leadership through a focus on leadership, communication, decision making, team and talent management, and performance management.

“Sometimes managers are expected to know it all, but we’re only human,” Transportation Services Senior Manager Tameka Givens said, explaining that the training had made her a more effective and sensitive leader. “I learned to not be afraid to ask for clarification.”

Launched in November 2018, Leading Impact called for participants to attend a full-day training session once a month. Throughout the course, 20 facilitators presented information about their respective areas of expertise.

In addition to the scheduled sessions, managers also were required to participate in “experience” activities touring a 2012 Bond school, visiting the Customer Care Call Center, volunteering at a transportation hub or motor pool — that allowed them to get a glimpse of the different departments under Business Operations and the breadth of work the division does.

HISD Recruiter Rocío Saldaña explained best practices for the recruiting process, from interviewing to hiring to onboarding. She also developed a toolkit for the two management cohorts.

“It was a pleasure sharing my knowledge with this group,” Saldaña said. “It’s a great program. It shows HISD is investing in its employees.”

Business Operations Training Manager Paul LeBlanc oversees the program and said he is passionate about it because it places a strong focus on helping managers develop effective leadership behaviors.

“Participants can immediately begin to work differently, lead effectively, and prepare themselves for Business Operations’ career path,” LeBlanc said.

Givens described the training as a “beneficial learning experience” and encouraged her colleagues to take advantage of the professional development opportunity.

“It was interesting to meet people from different departments and understand that we share a common goal, which is doing what’s best for students,” Givens said, adding: “I definitely encourage others to apply.”

The program is available to midlevel managers who are grade 25-30. Visit  for more information.

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