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More Students Graduate on Time

2011 June 16
by HISD Communications

We received some great news today showing that more HISD students are graduating on time, and fewer students are dropping out. The latest numbers, which are from 2010, show the four-year graduation rate was 74.3 percent, a 4.3 point improvement over the previous year. HISD’s graduation rates improved among every racial and ethnic student group, and our drop rate declined. It’s now at 12.6 percent, down 3.2 points from 2009.

In HISD, our goal is to prepare all our students for college and meaningful careers, and three weeks ago, I had the pleasure of attending several graduation ceremonies and recognizing students as they crossed the stage. That’s such a proud moment for those graduates and their families. A number of principals told me that some of their students who have struggled in high school were able to earn their diploma by working in HISD Grad Labs. Those computer labs, in every one of our schools, give students who have fallen behind an opportunity to take classes at their own pace online. This year, more than 4,000 courses were completed online.
I want to give a big shout out to our all students, parents, and staff. We’re all working together and can be proud of these improvements.

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