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New Appraisal and Development System for Teachers

2011 August 26
by HISD Communications

Every week, I share some of my thoughts in HISD’s electronic newsletter, Friday eNews. If you would like to receive Friday eNews, sign up at I am posting today’s message on the blog, as well.

We had a great first week of school! I spent time at several of our campuses, and let me tell you: the buildings look great, the students are focused on learning, and principals and teachers are excited to be back at school. Those adults are difference-makers in children’s lives. They have the greatest impact on student learning. Principals serve as instructional leaders to help teachers do their best work in the classroom, and this year, HISD is providing teachers with more feedback and support. The new teacher appraisal and development system approved by the Board of Education takes multiple measures into account, instead of the results of a single classroom visit. Teachers will get an accurate picture of their strengths and weaknesses, and clearly defined pathways for even greater success.

Hundreds of teachers and principals attended training seminars over the summer to learn more about the new system. I’ve been hearing great things about the sessions. Teachers are excited to work with our new team of Teacher Development Specialists. These individuals are experts in specific content areas. They will partner with teachers and provide campus-based, on-the-job support.

Robin Licato, a chemistry teacher at Lamar High School, says what motivates her is knowing that she is having an impact on students’ lives. I invite you to watch a video in which she shares her passion for teaching and her thoughts about the new appraisal and development system.

I have said before, and I truly believe, that HISD has some of the best teachers you will find anywhere. Visiting with some of them this week, I could see how much they care about their students. I am proud to be a part of a district that is committed to recognizing teachers for their results and giving them opportunities to reach even greater success. It is exactly what our teachers deserve.

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