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Dedicated Former Students Give Back to Their Elementary Campus

2012 July 12
by HISD Communications

As summer school classes wrap up today, I think it’s important to recognize a very special effort that was under way in the classrooms at Ed White Elementary School this summer.

Ashley Ly and her twin brother, Andrew, were among two dozen former students from the campus who returned to volunteer during the school’s Summer School Volunteer Program.

The former students say they feel an immense sense of personal satisfaction, and that can only be surpassed by the good work these dedicated individuals provided this summer – offering their services as tutors, teacher’s aides, and role models.

Volunteer Noel Velasquez put it best when he said he hoped his efforts would inspire the young students at White Elementary to grow up to be good role models for other kids.

I know there are great volunteer efforts worth noting all across the district, whether those efforts are student-driven or coordinated by parents or community members.

Through these efforts, we not only grow as individuals, but we also enrich those around us and the community as a whole.

Ashley, Andrew, and Noel are an inspiration to Team HISD, the community, and their peers.

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