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Pop Quiz answers on district leave policy

2014 October 16
by HISD Communications

Below are the answers to the pop quiz on the district’s leave policy from the Oct. 17, 2014, edition of employee eNews.

  1. (d) Supervisor determines. While district policy (.pdf, pp. 3 and 4 under “Medical Certification”) sets the absolute maximum at seven days, many departments and campuses have internal rules in place that require a doctor’s note if fewer are missed. Please check with your direct supervisor for the particulars of your work location.
  2. (b) Mental health days. According to district policy (.pdf, p.1, under “Compensated Leave”), an employee may be absent without loss of pay and without the absence being charged against his/her accrued leave for any of the other four reasons mentioned, as well as for: witness subpoenas, professional business, professional consultation, dispute resolution meetings, and Fulbright Teacher Exchange Programs.
  3. (a) Vacation. For details, please see this Ask HISD column.
  4. True. See p. 11 of district policy under “Unpaid Leave” for details.
  5. (d) Three. If employees take additional days, their pay will be docked accordingly. See district policy (.pdf, p. 3 under “Duration of Leave”) for details.
  6. (c) When they’ve exhausted all of their leave balances. You can apply for this benefit only after you have exhausted all of your other leave balances, including vacation (where eligible), state, and local leave, and certain criteria must be met to receive it. Visit the HISD Benefits website for details.
  7. (d) Your daughter left her science project at home, and it’s due today. According to district policy (.pdf, p. 4), the term “family emergency” applies only to natural disasters and life-threatening situations involving the employee or a member of the employee’s immediate family.
  8. False. Employees may take up to three days off to make arrangements for or attend the funeral of a deceased spouse, parent, current parent-in-law (not former, if divorced), child, sibling, or other person residing in the employee’s household.
  9. (b) Eight. According to district policy, five days of state leave and up to three days of paid local leave may be used for excused personal business. Any remaining days accrued may only be used for personal illness or the illness of a family member.
  10. (e) An aromatherapist. See p.3 of district policy (.pdf) under “Medical Certification.”
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