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Recapture: What you need to know 

2016 September 12
by HISD Communications

Resources available to help Team HISD understand, explain the issue to stakeholders

HISD is subject to sending $162 million in local property-tax dollars to the state this year by purchasing attendance credits—and local voters will be given the option of authorizing the payment before it can be sent. It’s called “Recapture,” and it is the result of an outdated school finance system, commonly referred to as Robin Hood, which is based on rising property values.

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Various English and Spanish resources have been created to help members of Team HISD understand Recapture, Robin Hood, and the state’s current school finance system, as well as explain the issue to their school communities. Please visit the SharePoint site to access a variety of resources that can be downloaded, printed, emailed, and shared with others on social media. The resources include: videos, FAQs, one-pagers, parent letters, PowerPoints, and suggested social media postings.

A forward facing English/Spanish webpage has also been created for the general public. Please share this page with parents and other members of your school community.

Special note: HISD employees are not permitted to use district time or resources to advocate that anyone vote in a particular way on the measure, but you can educate and inform about Recapture, Robin Hood, and HISD’s $162 million payment.

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