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Power Up Feedback

2018 April 11
by HISD Communications

HISD and HFT hosts several forums to receive feedback on the PowerUp program

In an effort to continue the way HISD transforms teaching and learning in the classroom through technology, the district has partnered with Houston Federation of Teaching (HFT) to gather feedback, raise questions or concerns, and suggest changes to HISD’s PowerUp program.

Please choose from any of the dates below to join us in sharing your thoughts, addressing challenges and collaborating on ways HISD can improve the program.

HISD launched PowerUp as a districtwide initiative to help support Houston’s students for a world beyond the four walls of the classroom. The program is about “powering up” our high schools to create a personalized learning environment for today’s 21st-century learners and enable teachers to more effectively facilitate instruction, manage curriculum, collaborate with their peers, and engage today’s digitally-wired students.

To RSVP, click on any of the dates below:

Lenny Schad
Chief Technology Information Officer

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