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Risk Management Trainings

2018 May 24
by HISD Communications

Campus administrators should begin scheduling their school safety trainings

In today’s school safety climate where preparation is everything, it’s important that everyone at HISD work collaboratively to ensure each of our campuses are well prepared for any type of major event.

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Throughout the school year, the Risk Management Department offers a mandatory school safety training for each campus, as well as numerous courses on OneSource for teachers, administrators, school and office personnel.

Here’s an overview of what you can expect to learn at each of the trainings:

  • Intruderology: How to safely handle an intruder threat to the campus
  • Fire safety: This training covers fire drills and the proper use of fire extinguishers.
  • School emergency preparedness: A class required by state law, Texas Education Code, Chapter 37, participants will receive training and guidance regarding emergency management planning which includes: school drill requirements, safety related documentation, and specific needs at the campus level.
  • Accident prevention: Participants will learn why accidents happen and how to implement controls and training for school campus and non-campus staff.

Click here for a complete list of courses offered by Risk Management.

To schedule mandatory Risk Management school safety training contact Risk Management at or call 713-556-9225.

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