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West-area teachers attend Kagan Cooperative Learning training

2019 February 21
by HISD Communications

This week, nearly 140 teachers gathered for a two-day Kagan Cooperative Learning training at Kingdom Builders Center.  

Thanks to the guidance of West Area Superintendent James McSwain, the teachers began their journey to becoming Kagan-certified trainers, which will support West-area schools in creating a more engaging, student-centered learning environment at the campus. 

“When you think of student engagement and what we think may work or have experienced, Kagan Cooperative Learning is different as it’s entirely scientific-based,” McSwain said. “Due to the program being rooted in brain research, the program has proved to be effective in its ability to engage the human brain, especially within the classroom.” 

Two teachers from each campus in the West area were selected by their campus principal to attend the trainings and act as a Kagan resource for their campus principal and staff.  

“The cooperative learning changes our mindset on what we’ve been typically been exposed to as an interactive or engaging classroom,” Teacher Lakita White said. “It allows us to make sure that all students are accountable in their learning and have an opportunity to get all the content.” 

According to teachers at the training, the greatest benefit of the Kagan Cooperative Learning program is its potential to improve students’ social skills amongst their teachers and peers. The program features strategies centered around social learning and oral communication. 

“Bottom line, when you have more students engaged, you are on the road to closing achievement gaps,” Dr. Jackie Minor, a trainer for Kagan Cooperative Learning said.

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