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District Advisory Committee Nominations

2019 November 1
by HISD Communications

The District Advisory Committee nominations for district and campus-based employees are currently underway until November 8. The DAC serves as an advisory role, including advice regarding the annual District Improvement Plan. One exception to the advisory role is DAC approval of districtwide staff development.

The committee is composed of parents, community members, and business representatives who are appointed by HISD board members, along with eighteen campus-based and district-level professionals who are elected by district professional employees. From among these professional staff members, at least two-thirds of them must be teachers.

Central Office Employees

All Central office department heads must conduct a transparent call within their department for nominees that are a professional employee (pay grade 25 or above) no later than 5 p.m., Friday, November 8. 

The department nominee must consent to being included on the district ballot.  If there is more than one consenting nominee, a transparent election process should be conducted within the department to determine the nominee with the most support among the professional staff.  Any eligible central office employee may self-nominate to be included in the department-based election process. 

After the central office department election, departments must submit the names of the nominees using this form to

Following submission of all the nominees, a district ballot will be opened for electronic voting beginning November 18 to December 6, via a secured HISD portal application.

Campus-Based Employees

All campus principals must make a transparent call for nominees to determine one classroom teacher and one campus-based professional (non-teacher) employee who want to run in the districtwide election to serve on the DAC no later than 5 p.m. on Friday, November 8. Charter/Contract campuses are ineligible.

Any eligible campus-based professional may be nominated by another campus-based professional or may self-nominate, by notifying the principal, to be included in the campus-based election process.  Campus nominees must consent to be included on the district ballot.

If there is more than one consenting nominee, in each category, a transparent election process should be conducted at the campus-level to determine the nominee with the most support among the professional staff.  Only professional staff members are eligible for nominations.  Please see Board Policy BQA(LEGAL) .

Once the campus-based election for nominees has been held, principals must add the names of the two employees to the DAC Application.  Principals can access the application from the  HISD Applications Page . Scroll down to District Advisory Committee (DAC) and login there.  Principals will be able to access the application to enter nominees until Friday, November 8.

For more information on the DAC nominations, click here.

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