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Access HISD resources over the summer

2021 June 7
by HISD Communications

If you are working from home this summer or need to access HISD resources, please consult this Information Technology checklist for guidance.

Visit the HISD Solution Center for important articles about accessing your HISD resources while at home:

1.   Two-factor authentication (2FA):  In order to protect district data and increase security, HISD now requires district staff to register for 2FA in order to access HISD resources from home/remotely.

2.   Office365 remote access

· Check your email from home

· Access Office365 apps such as Word, Excel, OneDrive, SharePoint, etc.

3.   HISD anywhere: Access to SAP, HISD Connect and more while away from work

4.   OneSource/OneSourceME remote access: Access your paystub, leave requests, training and more

5.   Online file shares: ​​​​​​​Access to shared HISD documents and resources

6.   OneDrive storage: Upload, store, and share your documents, files, and pictures.

7.   Summer 2021 IT Training: Expand your IT knowledge this summer! Log into OneSourceME to register for the course of your choice. Click here for course listings.

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