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Find out what Fit for $40 participants are saying about HealthyWage Challenge No. 1

2022 February 16
by HISD Communications

Congratulations to the more than 1,466 employees who completed their initial weigh-ins for the HealthyWage “Fit for $40” Challenge #1! It’s time to weigh out officially for Challenge #1 and gear up for Challenge #2, which launches February 21 and runs through April 1.

There were positive reactions from district employees who performed official HISD Fit for $40 Challenge No. 1 weigh-outs.

Theresa Corrina from Internal Audit lost 3.74%, thereby ensuring she will receive $40 as a reward and possibly more depending on how her team does. She has been working out with dumbbells and ankles weights in the mornings and evenings, as well as eating more salads and drinking lots of water, while reducing her carb intake.

Curriculum Specialist Melinda Viera lost 3.76% and also won $40. The main change in her lifestyle is that she has been drinking more water. For Challenge No. 2, she plans to start bringing a healthy lunch to work and walking more during the day.

Gloria Martinez in Elementary Curriculum and Development lost 6 pounds and met her goal. She brought a case of water to work and focused on drinking more throughout the day.

Dawn Miles in Benefits met her goal. She started doing yoga and other exercises as well. She added more salads and yogurt with chia seeds to her diet and she drank more water.

Operations Site Team Lead Roy Giles began substituting turkey bacon for regular bacon and cut out sweets. He plans to ride his bike more. He recommends having Malt-O-Meal for breakfast because he doesn’t get hungry during the day.

Raoul Rodriguez in Benefits lost 2.52% by eating chicken, fish, fruits, and vegetables. He cut out rice, pasta, and bread, as well as all sweets and sweetened drinks. If he is hungry when he gets home from work, he has oatmeal with flax seeds and walnuts to tide him over until dinner.

Weigh-out information

The official weigh-out period for Challenge #1 is now through February 19. To weigh out officially you must use the HealthyWage mobile app’s video-verification process. Simply open the app and login, and it will guide you through the process. Rest assured that your weight is totally confidential.

Additionally, you may use your official weigh-out weight as your starting weight for Challenge #2.

Fit for $40 Challenge No. 2

Employees who did not sign up in January can still register for Challenge #2.  All you have to do is lose two percent of your weight and you can win $40. It can be a great start to improving your health and wellbeing.

Don’t forget that you are competing to win cash prizes! Participants who lose at least 2% of their body weight per challenge period could see two $40 cash prizes added to their paycheck for a total of $80—and more if they are part of a team of five, and that team meets certain milestones for each challenge. Registrants have the opportunity to change teams for the second challenge. Simply email

Here’s a quick summary:

  • Login into or sign up at HeathyWage.
  • Weigh-out at the end of the first challenge between Feb. 12 and Feb. 19, 2022.
  • Using your official weigh-out weight, work toward a second weight-loss goal of another 2% of your weight February 21–April 1, 2022.
  • If you did not participate in Challenge #1, weigh in officially using the mobile app.
  • Weigh-out at the end of the second challenge from March 26 to April 1, 2022.

If your entire team achieves their weight-loss goals, each member will receive an additional $20 team bonus per person per challenge. Additionally, successful teams will be placed in a drawing to receive one of five $5,000 prize awards ($1,000 for each team member).

The HISD HealthyWage Challenge website is open for registration. For more details regarding the HealthyWage challenge, including rules, a reasonable alternative standard, how the weight verifications work, payment of prizes, and verified weigh-in instructions, see HISD Benefits Fit for $40.

We want to hear about and see your progress! Please tweet your photos, comments, tips, and even recipes using the hashtag #HISDFit4$40. Be sure to tag @TeamHISD to highlight your personal growth, team collaboration, and to encourage and motivate others to stay on track!

Good luck!

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