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Leadership series being offered to HISD managers

2023 February 23

The Office of Talent’s Organizational Development team is offering a New Manager Leadership Series course for frontline managers.

All HISD employees in entry-level managerial or supervisory positions are eligible to participate.

Classes are March 22, April 26, May 24, June 28, and July 26, 2023. The March session will be held at the University of Houston-Downtown, 1002 Commerce Street, from 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. The session “Managing to Change the World” will allow frontline managers an opportunity to engage in an interactive course structured around effective and equitable management. 

The April-July sessions will be held at the Hattie Mae White Educational Support Center, 4400 W. 18th Street.

This dynamic leadership  series will focus on professional and personal growth for frontline leaders. At the end of the course, professionally, managers will:

  • Be a more confident leader
  • Be able to lead healthier and more productive teams
  • Be able to increase employee satisfaction and engagement
  • Be able to improve team member performance

Personally, managers will:

  • Understand themselves as a leader
  • Recognize how they view their values, passions, and goals
  • Identify how they fit within the district and how their work aligns with the strategic plan
  • Increase their self-awareness

There is no prerequisite for participation. To register, please visit OneSourceMe Learning: Course #1492018.

For more information, contact the Organizational Development Department at 713-556-7333 or email

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