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Variety proves ‘spice of life’ for CFS secretary with 40 years’ service

2013 January 31
by HISD Communications

Sherry Jones then...

As a member of San Jacinto High School’s last graduating class in 1970, Sherry Jones never dreamed that she would one day log four more decades at the district she had just left.

But after joining Team HISD in 1972 as a clerk at the old print shop on Holman Street, Jones began putting the skills she had learned in business school to use, and she never looked back. Now, Jones serves as the Area 1 secretary in Construction and Facility Services, and she marked her 40th anniversary with the district on Jan. 28.

...and now

“It doesn’t seem like I’ve been here this long,” she said. “I like my job and I like the people I work with, so when people ask me when I’m going to retire, I tell them I haven’t even really considered it. I’d rather be here than sitting at home.”

Jones attributes the flexibility her position requires as one of the keys to job satisfaction. “I like variety,” she said. “I don’t like doing the same thing every day. And here, every day is different.”

Many other HISD employees are also marking milestones this week—see if you know anyone on this list:

35 years

  • Gilbert Duran, officer, HISD Police Department
  • Denise Mann, evaluation specialist, Special Education
  • Deborah Stokes, teacher Washington HS                  

30 years

  • Sheila Elliott, teacher, Bellaire HS         
  • Katherine Marsh, teacher, Community Services           
  • Albert Pipkin, maintenance team lead, Construction & Facility Services    
  • Debra Savage, teacher, Westside HS

25 years

  • Margarita Mallory, student information representative, Lanier MS         
  • Laura Sadler, magnet coordinator, Welch MS
  • Elouise Spearman, teacher, Fonville MS       
  • Maria Zapata, clerk, Stevenson MS          

20 years

  • Maria Alvarado, custodian, Milby HS            
  • Felipe Vasquez, officer, HISD Police Department            

15 years

  • Catherine Atkins, associate teachers
  • Margarita Castañeda, clerk, Dodson ES
  • Elvia Carvajal, teacher, Ketelsen ES
  • Alicia Chacon, plant operator, Edison MS
  • Annette Follie, attendant, Food Services
  • Carole Franklin, associate teacher
  • Pedro Gomez, clerk, Deady MS
  • Irma Hasnain, analyst, Federal and State Compliance 
  • Linda Jefferson, teacher, Davis HS           
  • Carolyn Johnican, teacher, T. H. Rogers MS     
  • Stacy Gallegos, teacher, Milby HS
  • Donna Garner, teacher, Longfellow ES    
  • Anthony Madry, assistant principal, Worthing HS
  • Teri Marsh, teacher, Longfellow ES
  • Joseph Martinez, teacher, Vision Programs              
  • Brenda Piñeda, student information representative, Longfellow ES      
  • Richard Schwartz, teacher, Bastian ES          
  • Robert Simmons, mechanic helper, Transportation Services 
  • Erskine Vanderbilt, technologist, West Briar MS     
  • Jose Vasquez, maintenance repairer, Construction & Facility Services    
  • Barbara Wilson, attendant, Food Services
  • Delores Young, attendant, Food Services

10 years

  • Maria Adame, attendant, Food Services
  • Eunice Alexander, associate teacher          
  • Nicholas Andrews, bus driver, Transportation Services
  • Dalton Benton, mechanic , Transportation Services
  • Patricia Bowdry, attendant, Food Services
  • Elias Capetillo, telecom repairer, Transportation Services
  • Sherrita Coleman, teacher, Osborne ES
  • Maria Guerra, attendant, Food Services
  • Walter Haller, crossing guard, Halpin ECC                   
  • Araceli Lopez, teaching assistant, T. H. Rogers MS     
  • Elizabeth Lopez, attendant, Food Services
  • Jonett Miniel, manager, Alternative Certification Program
  • LaTorya Randolph, teaching assistant, Garden Oaks ES       
  • Ruby Ruiz, teacher, Windsor Village ES   
  • James Salterio, teacher, Barbara Jordan HS            
  • Sharon Smith, custodian, Stevens ES          
  • Ana Sorta, attendant, Food Services
  • Clifford Valentine, warehouse driver, Food Services      

5 years

  • Onta Allen, teacher, Thompson ES          
  • Virginia Arriaga, custodian, Waltrip HS          
  • Mae Ballard, attendant, Transportation Services
  •  Marcus Compton, trainer, IT Finance & Operations Mgmt 
  • Eva Davila, teacher, Gross ES
  • Jeremy Davison, teacher, Lamar HS            
  • Eric Denton, clerk, Whittier Elementary          
  • Rickey Donato, clerk, Stevens ES           
  • Ardelia Ford, teacher, Westside HS         
  • Kevin Franco, teacher, Pin Oak MS        
  • Maribel Garcia, tutor, Milby High School            
  • Ora Gibbs, attendant, Transportation Services
  • Troy Giggans, grounds worker, Construction & Facility Services    
  • Anita Gomez, teacher, Petersen ES
  • Amber Gonzales, teacher, Robinson ES          
  • Cristina Guerrero, attendant, Food Services
  • Orlando Guerrero, teacher, Crockett ES 
  •  Javier Hernandez, teacher, Poe ES
  • Ashley Jozwiak, teacher, Johnston MS       
  • Richard Johnson, associate teacher           
  • Perry Johnson, crossing guard, Gregory-Lincoln MS
  • Claud Kimbrough, officer, Police Department            
  • Monica Antelo Landivar, teacher, Durham ES            
  • Mary Lashley, associate teacher 
  • Rachel Moreno, secretary, Briarmeadow Charter          
  • Mahnaz Mostafiz, associate teachers           
  • Cecilia Plancarte, secretary, Franklin ES       
  • Awilda Rodriguez, attendant, Food Services
  • Sarah Scott, attendant, Transportation Services
  • Telina Thomas, attendant, Food Services
  • Elaine White, clerk, Construction & Facility Services                
  • Barbara Zamarron, crossing guard, Bonner ES                    
Check back next Friday for more February Milestones – and if you know someone who should be featured in this space, let us know at Leave a comment below if you’d like to congratulate any of the above employees.
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  1. February 1, 2013

    Congratulations for your all those years in which you are helping people in your office, for your kindness at any time we need you all. Thank you for that work you have done all these years.

  2. February 1, 2013

    Congratulations to Margarita Mallory!!! My very dear friend of 10+ years she is the best at what she does. Margarita is the GURU of everything that has to do with Chancery, Attendance, Leavers, ect… and if she doesn’t know the answer she will find it!!! She is the kindest and sweetest person you will ever meet. I am proud to call her My Friend!!!!

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