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Employees turn to friends and family for behavioral role models

2013 January 31
by HISD Communications

Half of all employees who responded to last week’s Friday eNews survey said they turn to the people closest to them for examples of how they should live their own lives.

Fifty percent cited either parents or grandparents as the people they most admire in the world, and many mentioned specific qualities such as commitment, courage, honesty, and respectability as those that they strive most to emulate.

“Both my parents have been through the toughest times, and still managed to raise us,” said one.

“I admire their constant efforts to strive for greatness, even though as humans, we have many (challenges) along the way,” said another.

When asked how they emulate their role models, most respondents said they tried to live by the same principles.

“I try to be opened minded and accepting of others,” explained one, “because they always supported me and loved me unconditionally.”

“They have taught me and my siblings that no matter how hard life is,” added another,  “(you can) always look at the brighter side of it and move on.”

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