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Five simple ways to get the most out of your Healthfund

2013 April 25
by HISD Communications

If you’re enrolled in one of HISD’s Consumer health plan options, your district-provided HealthFund is a valuable resource for funding eligible medical expenses such as office visits, lab work, and prescriptions. To make the most of your healthcare dollars, here are some small ways to enjoy big savings:

  1. Generic Prescriptions—Take advantage of generic alternatives for a wide range of prescriptions at grocery stores and discount retailers. Just one example: get a 30-day supply of many common generic medications for just $4 at Wal-Mart, a savings over your prescription drug plan copay.
  2. HISD’s Health and Wellness Centers—Visit one for preventive care, flu shots, urgent care, and more. If you are enrolled in the district’s medical plan, the visit is free for you and your covered dependents.
  3. Aetna’s DocFind—Use this tool to quickly locate a provider that’s in your network. Remember that only in-network care is covered, except in the case of an emergency. One additional hint: if you’re enrolled in the Choice network, using a Tier 1 doctor or facility is another smart decision. These providers meet the highest quality and efficiency guidelines, which means better health outcomes and lower out-of-pocket costs when you use them.
  4. In-Network Emergency Care—Make sure you’re using an in-network urgent care facility when you need one. You already know that emergency rooms should only be used for true emergencies, but don’t be fooled by free-standing or hospital-affiliated emergency facilities that charge the same as their big-hospital counterparts. Using an urgent care facility for non-emergency care can be a smart decision; just take the time to make sure the facility you choose charges like one. Otherwise, you could be subject to a hefty ER copay. For a list of true urgent care clinics, click here (.pdf).
  5. Annual Checkups—Get yours so that any potential health issues can be identified earlier, when they’re easier to treat. Preventive care is 100% covered.

It’s that simple. Visit Benefits Outlook for more information.

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