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Bad excuses: Teachers have heard them all

2013 September 5
by HISD Communications

In last week’s edition of eNews, we asked teachers for some of the worst excuses they had ever heard as to why students were absent or unprepared for class.

Some were outright fabrications, as with one child who claimed to be sick during both the math and reading administrations of the STAAR exam. That ruse was exposed by her classmates, who showed the teacher text messages they had received on those days from the student “gloating about her fabulous, fun-filled trip to Louisiana.”

Other excuses revealed quite a bit of imagination (if not plausibility), such as the child who insisted he “had” to go sell puppies with his father, or the teenager who claimed to have been prepared for class, only to have an eagle “swoop down and snatch” her finished homework out of her hand as she was driving along the Southwest Freeway.

In the parents category, perhaps the silliest excuse came from a woman who said that her children should be not be marked absent because “it was raining and I didn’t want them to get wet.”

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