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Perfecting paperwork brings bond secretary satisfaction

2013 September 12
by HISD Communications


Elizabeth Garza

A job well-done is often its own reward, but for Elizabeth Garza, performing her duties well also means that HISD’s bond projects get completed in a timely fashion.

The senior secretary is observing her 35th anniversary with the district this week, and the past 21 years of that she has spent in the Construction & Facilities Services department, perfecting paperwork to meet the demanding standards of HISD’s Legal Department.

“I started out in what was then known as the Occupational and Continuing Education department in 1978,” said Garza. “And at the time, that was pretty exciting for me, because I had actually been in the vocational program while I was in school.”

Now, Garza creates project manuals, prepares contracts, drafts board items, and organizes all of the documents that go to accounting for bond projects. Her favorite part is working on contracts.

“It’s very challenging to get all the information together and make sure it’s correct,” she said. “But the end result is that it gets signed.”

Garza officially marked her anniversary with the district on Sept. 11, but several other employees are also marking theirs this week (Sept. 8–14). See if you know anyone on this list:

40 years

  •  Donna Cameron, teacher, HSPVA

35 years

  • Marjorie Johnson, associate teacher

30 years

  • Ray Gatlin, instructional specialist, Yates HS
  • Delisa Lane, teaching assistant, Burbank ES
  • Cheryl Rodriguez, senior secretary, Board Services

25 years

  • Deborah Brewer, secretary, employee relations
  • Clara Llerena, teacher, King ECC           
  • Lee Malowitz, teacher, Lamar HS
  • Michael McNeill, teacher, Braeburn ES 
  • Elizabeth Salazar, student info. representative, Federal and State Compliance   
  • Patricia Smith, teaching assistant, T. H. Rogers MS    

20 years

  • Hector Alvarez, custodian, Construction & Facility Services  
  • Hung Giang, custodian, Construction & Facility Services
  • Juanita Gutierrez, clerk, Young ES         
  • Gertrude Hilty, nurse, Thompson ES
  • Mavis Nickerson, teaching assistant, Welch MS          
  • Rigoberto Rosas, senior plant operator, Construction & Facility Services
  • Robert Warren, senior HVAC repairer, Construction & Facility Services     

15 years

  • Paula Baker, secretary, YWCPA  
  • Jarita Cormier, teacher, Janowski ES     
  • Noemi Espinoza, clerk, Scroggins ES    
  • Maria Flores, teaching assistant, Scroggins ES
  • Yolanda Serrano, clerk, Almeda ES

10 years

  • Mary Kathryn Arrant, teacher, West University ES       
  • Kerri Burris-Richardson, teacher, Stevenson MS         
  • Dottie Cottingham, teacher, Pilgrim Academy  
  • Hilda Delgado, custodian, Construction & Facility Services  
  • Heriberta Gomez, custodian, Construction & Facility Services
  • Jacqueline Hatfield, teacher, Law ES    
  • Kim Heckman, principal, Pershing MS  
  • Terry Lentz, teacher, Clifton MS
  • Gloria McGregor, associate teacher        
  • Obiageli Meka, teacher, Long Academy 
  • Ali Parvin, nurse, DeBakey HS
  • Ola Mae Pearce, crossing guard, Seguin ES   
  • Patricia Reese, teaching assistant, Pin Oak MS           
  • Victor Salazar, associate teacher 
  • Herminio Santos, warehouse, Food Services   
  • Coshelle Sullivan, student case worker, Garden Villas ES    
  • David Valentino, dean of instruction, Burbank MS      

5 years

  • Caleen Allen, general manager, Strategic Partnerships         
  • Juana Arrieta, aide, Condit ES     
  • Blanca Barona, teacher, Wilson Montessori
  • Velma Buckner, crossing guard, Herrera ES
  • Jason Busby, teacher, Chavez HS         
  • Christopher Carnes, principal, Herrera ES        
  • Ruby Carter, bus driver, Transportation Services
  • Bryon Coulter, teacher, West Briar MS   
  • April Crist, Special Education chair, Long Academy   
  • Russell Crocklin, associate teachers      
  • Keli Duerson, teacher, Milne ES
  • Maria Gomez, teaching assistant, Park Place ES
  • Shonda Henderson, crossing guard, Police Dept.
  • Fabion Henry, plant operator, Construction & Facility Services        
  • Arthur Holmes, crossing guard Thompson ES
  • Katherine Huck, teacher, Bellaire HS
  • Joel Jack, sanitation attendant, Food Services
  • Wilma Jackson, crossing guard, Foster ES       
  • Joan Johnson, attendant, Food Services
  • Noe Lopez, custodian, Construction & Facility Services         
  • Michael Manuel, crossing guard 
  • Martinez Maria, associate teacher           
  • Chantae McCurdy, teacher, Sharpstown HS    
  • Sean McEnerney, teacher, Hamilton MS
  • Renee Mills,  social worker, King ECC   
  • George Montemayor, plumber, Construction & Facility Services
  • Albert Moyer Jr, associate teacher
  • Gesner Obas, bus driver, Transportation Services       
  • Maria Peña, attendant, Food Services
  • Jorge Quiroz, teacher, Lewis ES
  • John Railsback, teacher, Sinclair ES     
  • Jessica Ramos, clerk, Paige ES  
  • Juana Rios, custodian, Construction & Facility Services
  • Martin Skoda, teacher, T. H. Rogers MS
  • Jim Simpson, bus driver, Transportation Services       
  • Darlene Smith, accountant, Risk Management
  • Kenyetta Smith-Tidwell, associate teacher                    
  • Willie Taylor Jr, crossing guard, Police Dept.    
  • Natalia Teran, custodian, Construction & Facility Services    
  • Gwendolyn Thompson, teaching assistant, T. H. Rogers MS
  • Monica Valyan, bus driver, Transportation Services    
Check back next Friday for more September Milestones. Leave a comment below if you’d like to congratulate any of the above employees.
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