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Lee HS coach not quite ready to hang up cleats

2013 September 20
by HISD Communications

Doug Perry

It’s been 35 years since Coach Doug Perry first joined Team HISD as a physical education teacher at Eliot Elementary School, but since that time, he has taught students at virtually every grade level and coached teams for just about every sport the district offers.

The veteran educator says he will probably stay “until they kick me out the door,” but the highlight of his career so far took place when he was still the head baseball coach at Lee High School. “It was nine or ten years in a row that we made the playoffs,” said Perry. “And in ‘91 or ’92, we were ranked the #2 team in the nation. We were a real powerhouse here for a while.”

Now, Perry serves as a teacher for Lee students in in-school suspension. “It’s kind of fun working with kids who have had some kind of trouble and helping them get back on their feet,” he said. “I counsel them in terms of what to do, and I see different kids every day, so it’s interesting.”

Perry officially marked his anniversary with the district on Sept. 20, but several other employees are also marking theirs this week (Sept. 15–21). See if you know anyone on this list:

40 years

  • Eleanor Buckner, associate teacher

25 years

  • Dinora Espinosa, teacher, De Zavala ES

20 years

  • Moises Campos, custodian, Construction & Facility Services
  • Lynn Miller, teacher, Reagan HS
  • Consuela Sims-Broussard, clerk, Sharpstown HS
  • Mary Ward, teacher, Wainwright ES

15 years

  • Mary Cullivan, attendant, Food Services           
  • Clementina Rodriguez, custodian, Construction & Facility Services           
  • Ivonne Rodriguez, assistant principal, Austin HS        
  • Mary Skillern, clerk, Hines-Caldwell ES 
  • Ana Vasquez, teaching assistant, T. H. Rogers MS     
  • Laura Flores, custodian, Construction & Facility Services     
  • Paula Baker, secretary, YWCPA
  • Jarita Cormier, teacher, Janowski ES     
  • Yolanda Serrano, clerk, Almeda ES       

10 years

  • Judy Mascione, clerk, West Briar MS      
  • Mary Elizondo, truck driver, Distribution Operations    
  • Nicho Brown-Butler, teaching assistant, T. H. Rogers MS      
  • Blanca Hernandez, teacher, K. Smith ES          
  • Diana Lopez, teacher, R. C. Martinez ES           
  • Maria Pena-Sanchez, aide, Moreno ES 
  • Juana DeLeon, custodian, Construction & Facility Services 
  • Elias Gomez, plant operator, Construction & Facility Services           
  • Nicole McKinney-Turner, secretary, Bonner ES           
  • Marcia Mills, clerk, Bush Elementary      
  • Pablo Muniz-Ramirez, custodian, Construction & Facility Services 
  • Jaiandreia Barron-Williams, teacher, Dowling MS       
  • Linda Bessard, teaching assistant, Longfellow ES      
  • Angelic Borunda, secretary, Fonville MS           
  • Emily Brants, teacher, Pershing MS       
  • Donald Brown, analyst, Budgeting & Financial Planning      
  • Robert Carpenter, plant operator, Construction & Facility Services  
  • Froylan Castillo, custodian, Construction & Facility Services
  • Jason Coronado, teacher, Crespo ES    
  • Saeideh Ghodrati, teacher, Furr HS        
  • Nghia Le, teacher, Washington HS        
  • Andrette McClain, teacher, Dowling MS
  • Roshanda McClain, teacher, Sam Houston MSTC     
  • Shirley Moan, teacher, Durham ES
  • Jesus Quiroga-Castillo, plant operator, Construction & Facility Services    
  • Raoul Rodriguez-Zavala, senior producer/director, Multimedia Services    

5 years

  • Caleen Allen, general manager, Strategic Partnerships         
  • Fabion Henry, senior plant operator, Construction & Facility Services        
  • Joel Jack, sanitation attendant, Food Services 
  • Noe Lopez, custodian, Construction & Facility Services         
  • George Montemayor, plumber, Construction & Facility Services      
Check back next Friday for more September Milestones. Leave a comment below if you’d like to congratulate any of the above employees.
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    July 30, 2016

    Hey coach.. How are you.. Just want to say hello and How are you doing..

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