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New online software streamlines job management process

2014 April 24
by HISD Communications

Creating a new position or revising an existing one can be complicated and labor intensive, but that will change at the end of the month, when the district begins rolling out Online Position-Management (OPM).

The Online Position-Management software is designed to increase efficiency for campus and departmental staff, while also making the entire process more transparent. The system is being rolled out by Budgeting and Financial Planning in partnership with Information Technology and PeopleSoft.

Under the current system, when an HISD manager or principal wants to create or revise a district job (position), they must fill out a paper form that requires multiple approvals and must be submitted via fax or hand delivery. The process is time-consuming, and the potential for human error during submitting and receiving the form, as well as data entry, is always present.

With the new system, all requests for approvals and signatures are done in PeopleSoft. For example, a principal could ask a school secretary to create a first-grade teacher position. Once the secretary creates the position request in Online Position-Management, it is automatically forwarded to the principal via email for the him or her to go into the system and approve.

After the principal reviews and approves it, it is automatically forwarded to the budget office for review and approval. Once approved by the budget office, the principal gets an email complete with the new position control number or notification that their request to close or change a position has been processed.

Right now, the process of creating a new position can take several days. But that time will be drastically reduced with the online system, which allows each person involved to see at a glance where the form is in the approval process.

The launch begins with a roll out to HISD high schools and Construction & Facility Services on April 30. The system will be introduced to middle schools next, followed by elementary schools and the remaining district departments in four phases from June through September. The system should be fully implemented by the start of the 2014-2015 school year. Training will be available online so that staff will not have to leave their campus, another effort to increase efficiency.

This Online Position-Management initiative is the first of several aimed at providing self-service functionality to managers and employees in an effort to streamline business processes and increase visibility. Submitting requests such as transfers and terminations will become available online to managers over the next year. Employees will also be given online access to view and update personal information.

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