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Last chance to sign up for Supplemental Sick Leave Bank is May 30

2014 May 29
by HISD Communications

One of the many benefits HISD offers its employees is the opportunity to sign up for a Supplemental Sick Leave Bank (SSLB). This bank gives participants up to 30 additional paid leave days in the event of a catastrophic illness or injury, resulting in an extended absence from work.

To participate, eligible employees must agree to contribute one day of their earned Local Leave time to the bank, and to access the bank, all of their other accumulated leave time must be exhausted first.

For some people, it’s hard to imagine they might one day need such a benefit, but the SSLB has saved a number of employees from financial hardship when the unexpected came to pass. Check out the stories of Louvenia Matthews (Oates ES) or Joshua Martinez (Janowski ES) for details.

If you’d like to share your SSLB story with our readers, please send an email to And if you would like to participate, be sure to sign up for this benefit by May 30. The next opportunity to do so will not be until September.


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