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‘Leave’ behind ignorance of district policy: Take our pop quiz!

2014 October 16
by HISD Communications

How well do you know HISD’s vacation and leave policies? Take our pop quiz and find out! The questions are based on information found in this document (.pdf), which is located on the Policy Online website. Click here to see the answers.

Please note that this quiz is not intended to be a comprehensive tutorial or the final word (i.e. a legal or binding document) on district leave policy—just a fun way to test employees’ knowledge, and perhaps prompt them to learn more about this important topic.

If you have questions about your particular situation, please contact Employee Services at 713-556-7383. The Office of Communications, which generates eNews, does not have access to employee records and can only answer questions of a general nature.

1) How many days in a row may an employee miss work due to illness without requiring a doctor’s note to excuse their absence?

a) Three
b) Five
c) Seven
d) Supervisor determines

2) Which of the following is NOT an acceptable reason to be absent without suffering a loss of pay or losing an accrued leave day?

a) Funeral leave
b) Mental health day
c) Assault leave
d) Jury duty
e) Reserve military duty

3) If a 12-month employee wishes to take additional days off either just before or right after a district holiday, which account balance must he/she deduct them from?
a) Vacation
b) State leave
b) Local leave
c) None of the above. You can’t do that.

4) True or false? Employees may apply for an unpaid leave of absence for one year for personal development, or up to four years for seeking or serving in a public office.

5) How many consecutive days of leave may an employee use for personal business?
a) There is no limit.
b) One
c) Two
d) Three

6) When can participating employees start tapping into the Supplemental Sick Leave Bank?
a) When they’ve run out of vacation days.
b) When they’ve run out of state/local leave days.
c) When they’ve exhausted all of their other leave balances.
d) The minute they get sick or injured, even if it’s only for one day.

7) Which of the following would NOT qualify as a family emergency under district policy?
a) Your father has a heart attack.
b) Your son is taken to the emergency room with a concussion.
c) A tornado rips the roof off of your house.
d) Your daughter left her science project at home and it’s due today.

8) True or false: You can take up to three days of paid leave off to attend the funeral of your ex-wife’s mother.

9) How many days of state/local leave may an employee use annually for personal business?
a) Seven
b) Eight
c) Nine
d) There is no limit.

10) Which of the following would NOT qualify as an authorized health practitioner for the purposes of providing documentation of an illness?
a) A licensed physician
b) A licensed chiropractor
c) A Christian Scientist practitioner
d) A licensed podiatrist (chiropodist)
e) An aromatherapist

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