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4 for $40 raffle winners look to build on weight loss success

2015 June 3
by HISD Communications

4_for_$40_winners_month_fourThe motivation behind this month’s 4 for $40 iPad raffle winners ranged from health reasons (“to a certain degree”) to beach seasons (“it might take a few more challenges”). But an additional gentlemen’s agreement provided an even greater incentive to lose at least four pounds a month.

“We have our own clause that whoever does not meet their (weight-loss) number has to buy lunch for everyone,” said team captain César Rodriguez, a manager for Procurement Services. “Believe me when I say we are pretty cheap, so that in itself is a motivator.”

The team – which is made up of Rodriguez, Chris Cuellar, Chad Malone, Richard Nestor, and Anthony Truong – lost a combined 66 pounds during the four-month challenge. Rodriguez said they were able to lose the weight through some exercise (“it should have been more”) and smarter eating habits.

“We make the portions smaller instead of saying, ‘Don’t eat all the things you crave,’” he said, adding that the team plans to continue their new eating habits and lose even more weight when the next 4 for $40 Challenge rolls around. “We look forward to winning again next year. That would make three years in a row, if we succeed.”

This month’s raffle wraps up another successful 4 for $40 Challenge for HISD. Collectively, employees lost 23,055 pounds during the past four months and earned more than $200,000 for shedding those pounds.

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