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HR ‘Pop-Up Events’ designed to help refine district’s recruitment strategies

2015 November 12
by HISD Communications

IMG_0320During the past few weeks, dozens of teachers at campuses across the district have been providing feedback to the Talent Acquisition team that will be used to refine future recruitment activities.

The feedback sessions, called “HR Pop-Up Events,” are designed to give teachers a quick and anonymous way of offering their thoughts on such topics as: what characteristics make teachers successful at their campus, why they choose to teach there, and their own personal reasons for staying.

Members of the Talent Acquisition and Human Resources team stopped by J.R. Harris Elementary School on Nov. 10 to gather more input. The team has also visited North Forest High School and has other surprise visits scheduled.

“I think it’s good. It’s great,” said Jessica Valdez, a kindergarten teacher at Harris. “It makes me feel like I’m being heard.”

That is exactly what Chief Human Resources Officer Gloria Cavazos wants. No one knows a campus better than the staff who works there day in and day out, so they can provide invaluable insights into the types of attributes an incoming teacher  needs.

“This is all about communication,” said Cavazos. “We want teachers to provide their candid feedback about what kind of candidate is the best fit for their campus. Our team already does a great job of finding highly qualified teachers, so now it’s a matter of finding the best fit between candidate and campus.”

Valdez said she’s happy she was able to participate in the feedback sessions and hopes her peers will continue to partner with central office staff to help identify the best teachers for their students.

“I think it depends on what information people are willing to give,” she said. “If it’s honest, it will tell (the Talent Acquisition team) a lot, and in my opinion, help even more.”

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