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New Leave Balance Overview in OneSource

2018 July 10
by HISD Communications

New leave balance overview to launch in OneSource for the 2018-2019 school year

Starting in the 2018-2019 school year, employees will be able to view their leave balance information in more detail utilizing OneSource. The new feature will display employees’ carry forward from the previous year (if any), advanced but not earned, accrued (earned) as of current date.

Below is example of “advanced but not earned”:

There will be no change in the process of how an employee request leave, or in the number of hours of leave an employee receives.

Here are the changes employees can expect:

  • If an employee overuses their leave, it will be deducted out of their last pay check of the year or upon return from unpaid leave.
  • Leave is accrued daily instead of per pay period.
  • When an employee requests leave, the leave will initially be deducted from carry over from the previous year (if any), then from the advance but not earned.
  • Employees won’t be able to request leave for the 2018-2019 school year until the leave is advanced, even if they have leave balance from prior years.  Leave will be advanced 10 days before the start of the new duty schedule.

Below are the dates that each group will see their advanced leave for the 2018-2019 school year:

  • Custodians (11-month) – July 13
  • Police Officers (11-month) – July 20
  • Bus Driver (10-month) – July 25
  • Nutrition Service Mangers (11-month) – July 26
  • Nutrition Service (4×10) Schedule – July 30

Employees to be advanced on August 3

  • Teachers
  • Wraparound Specialist
  • Administrative Assistants (11-month)
  • Academic Trainer
  • Assistive Technology Specialist
  • Associate After School Program Specialist
  • Associate IT Customer Service
  • AT Risk Program Administrator
  • Athletic Trainers (11-month)
  • Attendance Case Workers (10 ½, 11-month)
  • Audiologists (11-month)
  • Braillists (11-month)
  • Campus Education Techs (11-month)
  • CATE
  • College Guidance Administrator (11-month)
  • College Success
  • Instructional Coordinators (11-month)
  • Counselors (11-month)
  • Data Entry Clerks (10-, 10 ½-, 11-month)
  • Dean of School
  • Food Service
  • General Clerks (10 ½-, 11-month)
  • High School Graduation Coaches (11-month)
  • Camp Program Managers (10 ½-month)
  • New Teacher Coaches (11-month)
  • Nurses (11-, 11 ½-month)
  • Parent Engagement Reps (11-month)
  • Principals (11-, 11 ½-month)
  • Psychologists (11-month)
  • Registrar (11-month)
  • Security Guards (11-month)
  • Social Workers
  • Specialist Eval-Bilingual
  • Speech Therapists
  • Sr Academic Tutors
  • Student Case Workers
  • Student Information Reps

Employees to be advanced on August 6

  • Teaching Assistants (10-month)
  • General Clerks (10-month)

Employees to be advanced on August 13

  • Outdoor employees

Employees to be advanced on August 21

  • All 12-month employees

Need additional assistance? Please contact the IT Service Desk at 713-892-SERV (7378) or email

Thank you for your cooperation.

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