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Facilities Services longtime employee receives Customer Service Impact Award

2018 November 14
by HISD Communications

HISD Facilities Services Senior Administrative Assistant Sherry Jones thought she had been called to an emergency administrative meeting, but her colleagues instead surprised her with a cake, red roses, and the Business Operations Customer Service Impact Award.

The monthly award recognizes HISD Business Operations employees who display exemplary performance, deliver fantastic customer service, and regularly go above and beyond to add value to their division and positively influence co-workers.

Facilities Services and Fleet Officer Alishia Jolivette nominated Jones for the award, citing her unrivaled receptiveness to suggestions and feedback.

“She’s very positive and extremely dedicated,” Jolivette said. “She’s always here and she does so much. She’s just a great person to have on a team.”

Jones has been with the district for 46 years, and currently serves as the liaison between Facilities Services and Fleet Operations and the executive leadership team, as well as campus administrative staff.

When there are any issues, such as power and water outages or gas reports, Jones coordinates hourly updates. She also assists with onboarding and training of technicians, administrative staff, planners, and managers.

Jones said she appreciates the gesture and thanked the committee from the bottom of her heart.

“I just stay focused, do my best to handle any situation that comes my way, and just let the negativity fall away,” Jones said, highlighting her strategies for excelling in her role.

Finalists for the award were Business Operations Support Customer Service Representative Jessica Martinez and Food Service Attendant Gwendolyn Pierce.

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