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Associate Teachers at Rusk and Codwell ES recognized by HR

2019 October 14
by HISD Communications

Human Resources surprised the Associate and Achieve 180 Dedicated Associate Teacher of the Month recipients for September on Friday.

Associate Teacher D’Kecia Tolbert at Baylor College of Medicine Biotech Academy at Rusk is recognized as the Associate Teacher of the Month recipient. 

For the last five years, Tolbert has worked as an associate teacher at Rusk, where she landed a long-term dedicated associate teacher assignment for the 2018-2019 school year.   

“Ms. Tolbert is always dependable and flexible,” Principal Herrera said. “Whether it’s rotating class coverage, cafeteria duty, after school duty, detention, or planning with teachers, she is willing to offer help without being asked.”

For the Achieve 180 Dedicated Associate Teacher of the Month, HR recognized George LaBlanche at Codwell Elementary School.

Known for his patience around campus, LaBlanche’s commitment to the students at the campus especially in the SLC Trek class doesn’t go unnoticed by campus administration.

“He is one of the best associate teachers I’ve ever encountered in my 17-year career,” Principal Kristy Love said. “He has built relationships will all students, especially those in Coldwell’s SLC class where he makes sure the students are successful, included and heard.” 

The Associate Teacher of the Month and Achieve 180 Dedicated Associate Teacher of the Month is sponsored by Raising Cane’s. Each recipient receives a gift bag of goodies filled with merchant gift cards and swag. 

To nominate an Associate or Achieve 180 Dedicated Associated Teacher of the Month, click here.

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