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Embracing the holiday spirit, one child at a time

2019 December 16
by HISD Communications

With the holiday season upon us, it brings to mind the many opportunities we have to reach out and help others. In HISD, we believe you cannot educate a student without taking care of the WHOLE child, and that includes promoting and offering supports for positive mental and physical health.

The holidays can be a difficult time for many of our students and families, and that is why a new program within HISD is offering direct support on our campuses to students who might be faced with challenges or problems that are difficult for them to express.

HISD’s “Let’s Connect” program offers resources and helpful information on issues students are facing – including vaping, human trafficking, suicide prevention, bullying prevention, and more. The “Let’s Connect” initiative encourages students in HISD to reach out to a trusted adult on their campus, such as a teacher, social worker, nurse, counselor, principal, or librarian.

It’s important to help students develop skills to manage their emotions, form positive relationships, empathize with others, and make responsible decisions. The district has licensed psychologists to handle crisis intervention and consultation in serious or challenging situations.

We are committed to supporting every student, not only academically – but also mentally and emotionally. Lending an ear or extending our voices to those in need is crucial to supporting the whole child.

In HISD, we are embracing the spirit of the holidays to carry us through the remainder of the school year with a renewed purpose and promise to be a touchstone for our students. I encourage you to do the same. We never know when our kindness could be a turning point in a student’s path.

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