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Results of last week’s Back-to-School Quiz

2013 August 29
by HISD Communications

Last week, we asked readers to test their knowledge of HISD with five quick questions on back-to-school topics—and most of the trivia could be found in stories on the HISD website.

Here are the answers, with links to the corresponding articles:

  1. How many meals does HISD’s Food Services department expect to serve on the first day of school? Answer: (b) 210,000 (source)
  2. How many bus routes does HISD have this year? Answer: (a) 889, a five-percent increase over last year (source)
  3. HISD’s newest school option this year focuses on what area of study? Answer: (c) energy* (source)
  4. Which HISD school is slated to launch the district’s first JROTC partnership with the U.S. Marine Corps? Answer: (e) E-STEM (source)
  5. What’s the name of the new HISD initiative that’s designed to eventually put a take-home laptop in the hands of every student? Answer: (d) PowerUp (source)

And, for those of you who want to know how many people got the answers right, here are those results:

  1. Answered correctly: 40%
  2. Answered correctly: 20%
  3. Answered correctly: 80%
  4. Answered correctly: 40%
  5. Answered correctly: 90%

*This was a bit of a trick question, as two new concept schools opened this year: the Energy Institute High School and the Baylor College of Medicine Academy at Ryan (source).

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