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Practice makes perfect in attitude, performance

2013 November 7
by HISD Communications

In last week’s edition of Friday eNews, we asked our readers in what areas of their lives they still practice, and while some cited musical instruments, martial arts, or skills related to their jobs, others’ answers were more esoteric.

“I’ve just started traveling more the past few years,” explained one respondent, “and I’m studying French with my granddaughter–just self-taught each night. My most valuable phrase so far is ‘bien cuit’ (well done) which is how I like my meat cooked.”

“I practice patience daily,” noted another, while a third observed that s/he practices “respecting authority.”

Another reader added that s/he practices “self-restraint with my smart mouth, which gets me in trouble on a regular basis.”

“I have no filter,” that person added, “so I have a tendency to say whatever I’m thinking without thinking, at what, perhaps, is not the most appropriate time or in the most appropriate way. So I’m practicing that.”

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