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No medical premium deductions to be taken from Jan. 29 paycheck

2014 January 23
by HISD Communications

Next Wednesday, you might notice a little something extra in your bank account. If your direct deposit seems a bit higher than usual, it’s not because you got an unexpected raise–it’s probably due to HISD’s semi-annual benefits holiday.

Because HISD takes benefits deductions out of 24 paychecks per year instead of 26, employees won’t have any regular benefits plan premiums deducted from their paycheck on Jan. 29, 2014. So if you check your paystub online early next week and the numbers seem to be slightly in your favor, that’s why.

Please note that this applies only to regular benefits-plan deductions. If an employee has an unpaid balance for benefits, then a deduction to collect past amounts owed may be made on this paycheck.

This is the first benefits holiday of 2014. The next one will be in July.

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