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Teachers encouraged to use Bebras competition to get students thinking critically, digitally

2015 October 28
by HISD Communications

HISD is already leading the way with its digital transformation in the classroom, and now teachers are being encouraged to participate in a competition that will get their students thinking like Global Graduates.

The Bebras Global Computational Thinking Challenge, which takes place Nov. 9–21, is a 45-minute exercise thatchallenges students in grades 5–12 to tackle a variety of interactive computing challenges. The exercised are designed to get them excited about computing through tasks that do not require prior knowledge of digital technology.

“The Bebras Challenge provides an easy access point for both teachers and students who might not have experience with computational thinking,” said Adam Stephens, officer of Innovative Curriculum. “This challenge allows us to address the common misconception that computational thinking can only be taught in the math or technology classrooms. In fact,concepts like pattern recognition and data analysis arethe basis of computational thinking.”

Stephens added that through these challenges, students refine the Global Graduate skills and abilities that every HISD graduate should possess.

“We want our students to sharpen their skills when it comes to attributes such as critical thinking, communication, adaptability, decision-making, and leadership,” he said. “The Bebras challenge will do just that.”

Technology and computer science teachers can choose the days and times that best suit their class schedules during the challenge. Campuses with large enrollments and/or limited lab space can elect to run the challenge on multiple days. Students can also participate in this online challenge in their classrooms, after-school clubs, or at home.

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